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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  September 10, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> meantime, the former south
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carolina police officer charged with shooting a man as he was runaway was due in court today. a bond hearing for michael slager is set to get underway in two hours in charleston. his attorneys plan to present never before seen video enhanced by the fbi and they say it shows the victim michael scott on top of officer slager just before he fatally shot him in the back. the fbi analysis of the video is a violent, physical assault in which, clearly on the video, mr. scott obtained the upper hand. toxicology tests on scott revealed he had drugs and alcohol in his system. solitarys been in confinement since the arrest. have arrestedce -- released pictures of a car wanted in a hit and run of a little boy.
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it happened on columbia pike. the car is a four-door silver cadillac. police say the driver ran over the little boy, stopped so the boy's family could pull him from under the car. then the driver sped off. the child was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. we will contain to follow the story tonight and will have more starting at 4:00. fighting back against gun violence two weeks after reporter alison parker was gunned down on my tv. her father andy parker is demanding action. brianne carter is live on capitol hill with the details. emotional pleas from family members of gun violence continues. take a look behind me, you can see the hundreds gathered here in this shirt that says whatever it takes. those were the words echoed by andy parker hours after his daughter, alison parker, the wdbj reporter shot and killed
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alongside her photographer adam ward, on live tv. again today he said he would do whatever it takes to change gun laws. he is calling on congress and oners to pass legislation background checks for every gun purchase. mr. parker is speaking out today two weeks after his daughter was killed and says he knows the change will not happen overnight but says change has to happen to stop another tragedy. i come here still in a state of raw and consuming grief. i am not here because i want to be here. i am here because i have to be here. i am here because allison would want me to be here, and in fact, she would insist that i would be here. ofause that is the kind amazing young woman my daughter was. he was standing here
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alongside the governor of virginia as well as other senators. we reached out to the nra for the response to the rally and in a statement they said -- the nra has been calling for meaningful mental health reform for those suffering from mental found to be a danger to themselves or others. we will continue to follow this throughout the day and will have much more coming up at 4:00. republicans in the house are decorating and 11 our maneuver to try to block the iran nuclear deal. it will be the focus of debate today in the house and senate. conservative republicans say they cannot vote on it until the president hands over copies of side deals tehran at negotiating with atomic negotiators.
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their actions are unlikely to change the outcome, though. the white house has an enough votes to block any republican backed resolution to kill it. the pope's visit to d.c. and address to congress is less than two weeks away and today metro announced its plans to the inauguration level crowds. john gonzales as the changes you should know about. this papal mass is happening during the height of evening rush-hour. this station in northeast d.c. is across the street from catholic university, only a half-mile from the door of the basilica. you know it will be tough getting around because more than 25,000 people will be attending that mass, thousands more lining michigan avenue, and this station is the smallest on the red line, only accommodating about 5000 riders. metro says it will be running
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rush-hour service throughout the visit, which means more trains. metros should use the trip planner, and make sure to use your smartrip card before you arrive. this station here may be designated as an exit only before the mass. some say that you may need to have the patience of a saint to see the pope. of that track maintenance and everything else included, if it is not worth your time, do not get frustrated. if there is an alternate bus route, take the bus. few hours early to make sure that i can hit the trains on the way forward. to add to the congestion, the orioles will be in town taking on the nats during the visit. metro says they will also be using buses to shuttle people from locations nearby. if you can walk, that is a great idea. if you can telework, and even
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better idea. jummy: abc 7 has everything you need to know ahead of the folks visit to america. he will be here from september 22 through september 24. stay with abc seven for continuing coverage. we want to get a look at the road right now. starting off with utility work due to an earlier water main break closing of second street north east between c street and d street. they say the closure is expected to be in place until 4:00 and 6:00 this evening. we will keep you updated if they open up earlier. from fairfaxon 66 close to the capital beltway through falls church, not bad. 395 is the same thing. beltway,m side of the an accident coming in on the outer loop at van dorn street. we are not seeing any delays behind it.
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outside between the springfield interchange and van dorn street, here we go. this backup is starting to build. it looks like it is partially blocking the left lane, not the right lane. this is slow traffic approaching it on the outer loop of the beltway. we have a police vehicle on the inner loop blocking the shoulder. no delays on the outer loop. we will keep you updated on this on this delayed from springfield to the woodrow wilson bridge. and a mentor update this afternoon, we have some delays. track work on the orange line. and on the silver line from really avenue to reston. up, the latest on those -- vote and 16. a new poll shows one republican candidate gaining ground. and the case of mistaken
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identity or racial profiling? the investigation in the arrest of a pro tennis star. the stunning images coming in from japan. the rescue efforts underway from that historic flooding.
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jummy: a new poll shows donald trump's support among republicans continues to grow. the first candidate to top 30% support in the nomination.
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votef those surveyed would for trump. but he is catching heat for consulting the physical appearance of one of his opponents carly fiorina. "ccording to "rolling stone magazine, he said, look at that phase, can you imagine anyone voting for that face for president? >> maybe i am getting under his skin. i am climbing in the polls. a new full shows hillary clinton and bernie sanders neck in that. right now, sanders has 41% of the vote, clinton, 40%. the nypd is investigating the arrest of a professional tennis player. james blake claims he was thrown to the ground and mistakenly arrested at a hotel wednesday. blake, who was biracial, said he was not sure that if he was arrested because of his race, but said the officer used unnecessary force.
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it should not have happened, something that we will deal with with the police and we will find out what they have to say internally. hopefully, there is video of it and people can see what happened. was released from police custody after he was properly identified and found to have no connection to that investigation. the 35-year-old retired from professional tennis in 2013. overseas, widespread flooding and landslides in northeastern japan is forcing 90,000 people to abandon their homes. forecasters say the flooding is unprecedented for that part of the country. the heavy flooding left neighborhoods were to be underwater. helicopter teams are rescuing people on rooftops. nearly a dozen people are still missing. unbelievable to see that amount of water. just incredible to see.
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jummy: it is not as bad but we are getting our own rain here at home. >> some heavy downpours and storms. let's get started, some brighter news ahead for tomorrow's weather. doppler radar continues to show the heaviest rain locally across delaware right now. that is moving on to the northeast. everything is moving from the southwest to northeast. this is the washington area here, showers to the north of us. this next batch in southwest culpeper, moving in our direction. another area of rain for the to the south and west that we will have to deal with this afternoon. culpeper,ern rain in further north and west. this is putting to manassas, dale city, and eventually to the nation's capital. behind the cold front, cooler temperatures. 71 in martinsburg. on the warmer side, 84 in
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andrews. humid everywhere, with dew points in the 70's. the moisture levels starting to fall back a bit behind the front in that drier air. this is what it feels like right now. monkey because of all that moisture. here is the next batch that we are keeping our eyes on in southwestern virginia. the chance of rain and thunderstorms mixed in through the late afternoon and evening hours tonight around 9:00, 10:00. all of this will move out of the area overnight. 62 degrees in upper michigan. 58 in duluth. compared with temperatures in the upper 80's in norfolk. upper 80's in wilmington. the front will be appreciated once it moves through. another batch of rain coming in just before sunset or after
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sunset. then skies clear and we are in better shape for tomorrow. unsettled for the weekend with shower chances continuing. tomorrow, gorgeous, 40% of showers. sunday, there could be a chance of showers in mint day, clearing later in the afternoon. cooler in the upper 70's. back to work on monday. dry weather and sunshine. up, an amazing journey happening now in the district and how the man at the center of it is helping wounded
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get to a 7 on to your side health matter, regarding a salmonella scare here in the district. at least four people have been hospitalized with salmonella symptoms after dining at fig and olive. a spokesperson for the restaurant says they are looking into the matter. a texas woman has died in connection to a salmonella outbreak linked to we called cucumbers. it is the second reported death from tainted cucumbers. they were grown in mexico but distributed by a california company under its limited edition brand. more than 340 cases of salmonella in 30 states including virginia since july. 70 have been hospitalized. happening now in the district, an amazing story of dedication and perseverance. a new york man started his sixth
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marathon in less than five days and each has been on a different continent. he is doing it to raise money for the wounded warrior project. 26.2ie is doing his final mile leg here in washington, d.c. he tells us he feels great and is working off airplane food and is excited for the last leg. surprisingly, i feel pretty good, especially coming back to america, knowing this is the last leg. i am home now. everything feels good. i really loaded up, the first three in a day and a half, and then i had a day in between each, so that helped me to recover. jummy: he started on september 6 in greece, then went to cairo, followed by abu dhabi. then he ran in sydney, australia, and yesterday in santiago, chile. if you want to have to donate to
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his cause, there is a link on our website the clouds are moving in and showers on the way.
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jummy: the rain is finally here. doug: going from hot and humid to
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